Hi Delioners! Are you the one we’ve been looking for ?

Undergraduate students or diploma max 6th semester
omiciled in Yogyakarta
Able to involve in a team for 1 year
Has strong courage to learn in a dynamic organization environment
Passionate in social projects
Love challenges
Growth mindset
Fast response, creative and initiatives

Available Position

1. Secretary
Secretary helps organization running smoothly. The main tasks are administrative and database.
Requirements :
Major of study : any field
Have some experience in organization or events before as a secretary
Having skills on managing archive

2. Human Resources
Designing and expand fun training based on the needs of the organization and individuals
Managing internship and make performance report every 6 months
Create programs to engage interns over cities
Requirements :
Major of study : Psychology/Human Resources Management/Industrial Engineering
Have some experience in organization or events a Human Resources Manager or staff is a plus
Has good knowledge about training and people development
Has good skill on reporting, analytical thinking, people oriented, problem solving and interpersonal skill

3. Community Development
Able to create social mapping of the local community
Establish community development program
Creating evaluation and progress report  every 6 months
Creating enter and exit plan to targeted communities
Requirements :
Major of study : social welfare/sociology/community development
Have some experience in handling project related to community development is a plus
Have good knowledge about CSR
Have the ability to manage programs or events

4. External Affairs
Creating and maintaining Dreamdelion Potential partners  (Commmunities/NGO/Government/Public Company/Creative Industries/Media)
Engaging Influencers to spread Dreamdelion Positive action
Requirements :
Major of study : Business/Management/Communications/Public Relation or related fields
Have some experience in partnership in organization or events is a plus
Have a good public speaking, public relations and social networking skills
Have a good negotiation skills

5. Social Media Marketing
Manage social media account and website content (daily)
Manage SEO
Able to create digital marketing strategy and planning
Requirements :
Major of study : Business/Marketing Management/Communications/Creative Media or related fields
Have some experience in managing social media
Passionate in digital marketing
Social media app friendly
Have a photography skill is a plus

6. Video Editor
Make creative social campaign video concept
Editing of video work related programs
Requirements :
Major of study : Art/Design/Creative Media/Communication or related fields
Able to use Adobe Premiere, After Effect or other software video editing

7. Web Developer
Develop and maintain Dreamdelion Website
Requirements :
Major of study : Computer engineering/Information system or related fields
Able to use basic development using framework PHP: Lavarel/Codelgniter and WordPress
Understand web design and user experience

8. Content writer
Create a good content material for promotional material, web content, newslatter
Requirements :
Major of study : any field
Having a exceptionally good content written skills
Good copy writing skill
Excellent written English skill is a plus
Up to date

9. Graphic Designer
Design the graphic material and promotional materials
Assist the management with creative/conceptual ideas
Requirements :
Major of study : Art/Design/Creative Media and other related field
Able to use Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop/ Corel Draw or other software designing
Passionate in doing research about visual trends and explore new possibilities

10. Product Development
Responsible to research and execute what Dreamdelion can sell to support organization sustainability
Requirements :
Major of study : Business/Management/Product Design or related field
Passionate on Research and Development and create new product idea
Excellent in execution

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